Dan Mawby, the inventor of Mawsafe Running Rails System

Dan Mawby, the inventor of Mawsafe Running Rails System

Inventor Dan Mawby had been mulling over an idea for a plastic running rail for 10 years. It was after seeing jockey Damien Oliver crash through the rails at Werribee racetrack in 2006 that spurred him into action.

Dan Mawby, resident plumber at the Cranbourne Training Complex, spent two years developing his idea and designing a PVC running rail that would ultimately improve racetrack safety.

His unique invention includes a complete redesign of the running rail and includes a kick out upright and hidden base plate. His invention from beginning to end was aimed at racecourse safety.

Dan Mawby shared the Best Design for Workplace Safety award with Racing Victoria and forensic testing firm Delta-V Experts for his invention.

Mawby’s invention received immediate thumbs up from jockeys and trainers alike. Mawby’s invention gained interest from racing clubs and training establishments across Australia as well as enquiries from international clubs for the product.