The lightweight construction of the UV PVC railing allows for faster relocation of the running rail to other areas of the course. The new lightweight rail assures there is less likelihood of injury during the manual handling required to set up and move the rails.

The PVC rail has a semi-circular cross section allowing much greater flexibility than existing solid pipe construction. mawsafe20The rail will absorb the impact of a horse or rider, resulting in less injury and keeping the horse in the race. The lightweight running rail quickly detaches from the uprights when relocating.


The design of the fence uprights includes a consent curve. When a horse applies its weight to the PVC rail the consent curve will begin to straighten causing the rail to increase in height. The increased height makes the horse think the rail is too difficult to climb and finds the easier going to be on the track.

mawsafe04Using a consent curve also means the upright is structurally sounder with no flaws in the upright section; a point of weakness in uprights bent in short curves.

The fence uprights will “kick out” if hit by a fallen jockey. The innovative kick-out uprights are a major safety improvement and unique to the Mawsafe system. The vertical running rail will lift away from the base plate when a horse strikes the horizontal rail. Several uprights may be kicked away without losing the integrity of the fence. The uprights quickly unclick from the rail and the base plate for fast and easy relocation.



The rail’s metal base is below ground level – another safety first. Horse and rider are not in danger of striking any steel at high speed. The base is removable from the ground with the Mawsafe base lifter. The base lifter easily lifts the uprights and base from the ground with very little effort. This reduces the risk of racecourse worker injury.

mawsafe19The Mawsafe flexible PVC rail increases racecourse safety for horses, jockeys and maintenance crews.

Your track needs to be safe for the coming season. Installing a running rail system that is lightweight and easily relocated without compromising the integrity of the track is your top priority. The Mawsafe does all this at a fraction of the cost of any other system on the market.

Find out how the Mawsafe rail will work for you. Fill out our simple questionnaire and we will show you our safe cost effective plan for your track.

Fill out our simple questionnaire and we will show you our safe cost effective plan for your track.