Safety Testing

mawsafe-safety-testingAt Global Barrier Systems we are committed to supplying racetracks across the world with only the best and safest running and racing rails available. In keeping with this commitment all of Mawsafe’s range of rails have undergone rigorous safety and stress testing to further refine and improve its safety and durability.

To ensure that their rails are of the highest standard Mawsafe’s rails undergo all of their testing through the industry renowned experts at Autoliv Linc. Able to conduct thorough crash testing Autoliv have set the industry standard for all racing rails.

With their innovative and highly-effective post and rail system Mawsafe rails greatly reduce injuries sustained through contact or collision with the rail. Due to the quality of the rails Racing Victoria has put in an order for over 60,000 metres of this rail to be installed in tracks across the state.

Supported by leading organisations such as the Australian Jockey Association, Victorian Jockey Association, Racing Victoria Limited, Victorian Racing Club, and Melbourne Racing Club, Mawsafe rails are the perfect fit for your track.

To increase the safety at your track, or to keep horses and jockeys safe from injury, get in touch with the team at Global Barrier Systems today!

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