Mawsafe Design


Specifically designed and fabricated to remove all the weaknesses inherent in current rails and tracks Mawsafe rails can help improve the health and safety of jockeys and horses alike. Being made from flexible plastics and designed to absorb impacts Mawsafe rails help the jockey maintain control over the horse in the event of an accidental collision with the rail.

Boasting an ingenious design that does not overlook a single element of the rail Mawsafe’s durable products are made for private and public facilities. Even in the rare occurrence that the rail does break on impact with a horse our rails do not pose the same risk that jutting metal poles and rails would, preventing life-threatening injuries from hurting horse or jockey.

Along with this design the base plates of the poles are located underground further preventing grievous injuries from occurring.

For ease of installation that does not rip up turf each Mawsafe rail system comes with a specially-made lifting tool, allowing for track owners to reposition their rails based on their needs and requirements.

Available in 12 metre sections Mawsafe rails as easy to install and go up fast, cutting down on labour costs and time spent erecting them. To find out more about how our range of Mawsafe rails are continuing to lead the way in terms of innovation and safety get in touch with us today!

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