WorsafeAwarded Best Design for Workplace Safety, the Mawsafe Rail system is the new racetrack safety rail standard for racing tracks, training tracks and private tracks alike.

Melbourne Racing Club, based at Caulfield’s “The Heath” racetrack, was the first track to install the new safety rail in their pursuit of racetrack safety for horse and jockey. The flexible rail and detachable posts go a long way to improving horse and rider safety.

Flemington racetrack, Australia’s oldest and best-known racecourse was one of the first top-level tracks to recognize the benefits of the new safety railing, and has already completed two Spring Carnivals with the new tracks. Flemington’s offensive to improve racetrack safety standards for horse and jockey prompted them to use the unique features only the Mawsafe Rail system offers.


The award winning Mawsafe System installed at Melbourne’s Caulfield Race Track

The Mawsafe Rail underwent intense testing at Autoliv Inc testing station. Autoliv is the only automotive safety supplier with dedicated resources for crash testing of complete vehicles. With 8 full test tracks and 13 sled tracks around the world, their testing standards are the highest in the world. Together, Mawsafe and Autoliv created the standard for all future rail contracts.

For Mawsafe Rail to pass Autoliv’s tests is testament indeed to the safety this system has given the racing world.

This revolutionary post and rail system allow horse and rider to get close to the rails without receiving the bone crushing injuries reported from conventional rails.

Racing Victoria was so impressed with the benefits the new railing offered, it has ordered 60,000m installed.

The new system has the support of safety organizations and jockey associations including the Victorian Jockey Association and the Australian Jockey Association …and is endorsed by
• Victorian Racing Club,
•Melbourne Racing Club
•Racing Victoria Limited
The features of the Mawsafe will improve racetrack safety standards everywhere.
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