Horse Racing Safety Rails

mawsafe23Running rails are the bane of jockey’s careers. Colliding with solid aluminium horizontal rails and uprights can cause serious collision injuries to horse and rider.

Track staff is not immune to injury either when relocating railing to other parts of the course. Sometimes racing conditions require regular rail movement without damaging the track profile.

Relocating the running rails is time consuming and the heavy rails, awkward to handle.

The New Mawsafe Running Rail Addresses all these Safety Issues and More.

Designed from UV-rated PVC, the injection-moulded parts have thick wall sections making them extremely strong and very durable to harmful UV rays. All steel parts, such as the base plate, have a quality galvanised finish to prevent weathering and increase the life of the components.

The flexible Mawsafe rail provides many benefits over the types currently in use.

The major safety improvement is the horizontal PVC rail does not break on impact. Instead, it flexes under the weight of the horse allowing the rider to guide his mount back onto the field.
Designed to spring and bend as the ropes around a boxing ring horses and riders receive less injury on impact. Thanks to their resilience and modern design our horse racing safety rails help to keep both jockey and horse safe in the event of accident collision.

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