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Wednesday 10th February 2010

Victorian Minister for Racing Rob Hulls has officially launched the manufacture and production of the new Mawsafe horse racing rail at the Victorian office of Global Barrier Systems. Local manufacturing has commenced in Victoria in response to the high demand for this innovating award winning system.


Manager Michael Villante, jockey Craig Williams and the Minister for Racing Rob Hulls and inventor Dan Mawby discussing the safety features of Mawsafe rail system

The Victorian Government, through Racing Victoria are confident that the new ultra safe PVC railing will substantially reduce the risk to jockeys and horses at Victoria’s two major racing tracks. The new safety features include a support leg that swings up and out of the way if contacted by a falling jockey or horse and a smooth pliable rail that lifts up and resists the horse should it lean against it during the race. It acts against the horse’s natural instinct to jump the rail.

Mr Hulls said the announcement would support at least 30 local jobs.

“These plastic running rails were developed here in Victoria, they are being built in Victoria and soon about 60,000 metres of them will be installed at racetracks across the state,” he said.

“The safety of jockeys and horses is paramount to a healthy racing industry and, once installed, these new plastic rails will ensure the greatest standard of safety for race participants anywhere in Australia.”

“Mr Mawby’s idea has not only helped create safer racetracks in Victoria, but helped provide valuable work for industrial employees and local companies,” Mr Hulls said.

Racing Victoria Limited chief executive Rob Hines said the invention of the plastic running rail had revolutionised the safety of both jockeys and horses.

“The safety and well-being of our industry participants and horses is RVL’s number one priority and the introduction of plastic running rails is a landmark initiative,” Mr Hines said.

“I would like to commend Dan Mawby for his outstanding foresight and design of the plastic running rail and look forward to this product being rolled out at racetracks across the state”.