Conventional Running Rail Designs Have Serious Design Flaws

There are several issues with existing conventional running rail designs not addressed until now.

• Horse and jockey safety and impact injury against running rails.

• Track damage during installation and relocation

• Maintenance time and cost for installation and relocation

• Serious injury or death from impact and debris

• Outdated design and construction

Conventional metal running rails

Conventional running rails were made to withstand impact. Over the years, there have been several running rail designs but none is as safe as Mawsafe.

Some running rail construction is steel or solid aluminium while others have plastic poles that mask the hidden metal tubes inside. All are equally as dangerous and cause injury to horse and rider during impact.

Many conventional running rail designs have uprights embedded into concrete blocks making them impossible to move without causing serious damage to the track. Others use steel spikes that have to be sledge hammered into the ground making removal very difficult. These spikes rise 600mm above ground to connect to the uprights. This is a major concern as horse or rider could suffer serious injury.

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