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12 February 2010,

Bendigo Weekly


Minister Rob Hulls and Bendigo Jockey Club president Brendan Drechsler check out one of the new plastic rails.

Bendigo Jockey Club will receive new plastic running rails as part of a state-wide rollout to improve racetrack safety, Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing Rob Hulls announced today.
Bendigo is the first of 25 regional and rural racing clubs to receive funding for the new rails that will add to Victoria’s reputation as running one of the best racing industries in the world.
Mr Hulls said Bendigo would receive $97,000 to install 2520 metres of plastic running rails, which had been developed and produced in Victoria and would significantly improve safety for jockeys and horses during races and training.
“The safety of jockeys and horses is paramount to a healthy racing industry and, once installed, these new plastic running rails will ensure the highest standard of safety for race participants anywhere in Australia,” he said.
“Bendigo is one of Victoria’s premier racing locations and produces about 1350 starters in races each year, which is why the Brumby Labor Government is funding this project in conjunction with Racing Victoria Limited (RVL) and Country Racing Victoria (CRV).”
The Brumby Labor Government is contributing more than $2 million to the plastic running rails project through its $86 million Regional Racing Infrastructure Fund with RVL and CRV jointly contributing $231,500.
Mr Hulls said Mordialloc plumber Dan Mawby invented the new railing system, called MawSafe rails, and was featured on the ABC program The New Inventors last year.
The Victorian Worksafe Awards last year recognised Mr Mawby, RVL and Delta-V Experts with the Best Design for Workplace Safety award.
“This project is a good example of what makes Victoria great and demonstrates why this state so often leads the nation in racing and many other aspects of industrial innovation,” Mr Hulls said.
“MawSafe rails are plastic, as opposed to aluminium, and are lighter than previous running rails making the installation a simpler, safer and faster process.”
The horizontal plastic rail elevates, springs and bends on contact with upright supports that rotate up and away from heavy impact, significantly reducing the safety risk to both rider and horse.
Mr Hulls said the Brumby Labor Government was committed to supporting the state’s regional and rural clubs, such as the Bendigo Jockey Club.
Racing Victoria Limited chief strategy officer Paul Bittar said RVL’s number one priority was the safety and wellbeing of industry participants.
“The introduction of the MawSafe plastic running rail is a landmark initiative and one that will dramatically improve the safety of racing at Bendigo for both jockeys and horses,” Mr Bittar said.